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-  Car accidents 

-  Trucking & motorcycle accidents

-  Neck and back injuries

-  Pedestrian and cyclist injuries

-  Medical malpractice

-  Wrongful death

-  Product liability

-  Premises liability: Slip and falls,    

    sinkholes, potholes

-  Construction accidents

-  Dog bites

-  Nursing home neglect and abuse

-  Catastrophic injuries

-  Traumatic brain Injury

-  Burns, scarring and lacerations

-  Discrimination

-  Employment law violations

-  Sexual harassment 


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In photo:  Support from local elected officials, Maggi's staff and John Keefe's staff. (Jan. 2020)

Workers' Compensation

Repetitive Stress Injuries Including:  carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, Accidents involving defective work equipment, car accidents on the job, slip and fall on the job and falling objects. 


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